The main feature of using blockchain data storage is its full decentralization, invariability and the ability to build services with several participants.

Compared to traditional solutions consisting of primary storage and backups, the blockchain has innovative new capabilities. Owners of the nodes do not have the ability to delete and modify the recorded data at their own discretion. If the substitution occurs, the chain of blocks after the corrected block will not be considered valid. The Credits blockchain network does not have a central managing body or administrator that can modify the data.High transaction processing speed is made possible by the low transaction and block recording times. Storage reliability is provided by copying data between a large number of nodes.

Blockchain Features

  • Storage of information in a network without centralized administration
  • Storage of information in the blockchain with guaranteed invariability
  • Storage of information with open or personal data encryption
  • Storage of data with free or limited access to information

Technical Advantages

  • Only data that is added to the blockchain is subject to a one-time transaction fee
  • Ease of access and searchability
  • Control of access to information by other users
  • Recording and reading through any user applications
  • There is no need for any storage administration
  • Free access to stored information at any time
  • Nodes network with a repository distributed around the world
  • Interaction with third-party services using the API / SDK
De-identified health and medical data for medical research

Blockchain is a decentralized ecosystem where transactions can be performed in a secure, reliable and user-centric way. The transition of electronic health records to the Blockchain is the next step towards a decentralized system that prioritizes the patient, security and assembly.

Storing data on the blockchain

It is a solution for storing any computer information in the decentralized Credits blockchain network. It is indispensable in situations with several participants who have limited trust in each other.

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