What are Digital Vaultz, Safety Deposit Boxes, Action-Projects, and Investment Canvases and how far have they been developed?

What is a "Digital Vault"?

Secure Digital Vaults - Blockchain Enabled Data

  • Tools (DVTZ)
  • Storage (Safety Deposit Box)
  • Communication (Secure Team Messaging)
  • Analysis (Scientists and pHd Candidates)
  • Validation (Business Financial Technical Scientific Markets)

What is a "Safety Deposit Box"?


What is an "Action-Project"?

An Action-Project is our name for a set of project management tools that deliver:
“Specific solutions for problems that are time based, affect more than one stakeholder and allows activity to achieve a predetermined goal with a project plan and management plan that produces a unique service or product in a specific location”

We are looking at ways members of the dHealthNetwork can contribute to Action-Projects while also helping pending Action-Projects achieve the level of detail needed to be launched as a viable Action-Projects ready for funding and helping listed Action-Projects overcome challenges.

Our solution: Masterminds and Hackathons. We will be holding mastermind groups and hackathon events so dHealthNetwork members and our local community can come together to help develop these Action-Projects making use of the diverse skill sets and experiences of our members and locals.

What is an "IC"?


The technology used by dHealthNetwork is the result of several partnerships who have brought both open source and proprietary technology into the network for use by members:

  • Multi-Blockchain Network
  • Ethereum Network
  • Digital Asset Mining
  • Secure ‘End to End’ encrypted communication tools
  • Integration with hardware wallets
  • Custom app for member services
  • A.I. Diagnostic platform
  • Decentralised voting mechanism
  • Geth node distributed interface
  • Decentralised file storage
  • Health record organisational tools
  • Blockchain tools to support data and medical researchers
  • Digital vault and safety deposit box for storage of value and tracking of health records

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This Action Project has been assessed by dHealthNetwork to meet the criteria of the following UN Sustainable Development goals: