This is an innovation in the realm of edge computing, known as the next frontier of the Cloud - making it easy to deploy edge-based local clouds, made to run applications locally, instead of depending on a faraway cloud or datacenter. This technology will empower remote communities through advanced educational capabilities through fast and secure web connectivity.

The platform is a one-stop shop for a plug-n-play highly-secure instant-provisioning edge computing data center in a box. You can deploy your applications securely with high mobility on the standalone edge with 1 click.

Here “Edge Clouds” are made to run applications (A.I., ML., services, analytics, etc.) locally and in real time, instead of depending on the faraway cloud or data center for processing needs.

WICASTR’s SMART Edge platform maximizes the benefits of edge computing, via distributed intelligence, by hosting processing, storage and applications as close as possible to the source of data – where the actions is.
• Computing infrastructure with a cloud stack that provides a framework for hosting
applications at the network edge.
• Service oriented edge nodes to securely deploy multiple applications and content at the edge.
• Efficiently bring the power of the cloud at the edge, enabling value-added services
and new business models at the edge.