Currently, calorimeter apps and other fitness apps for smartphones or other portable devices do not give a true measure of the energy burned off by the user. These apps use population averages to make their calculations and thus can be very inaccurate for people whose body type isn’t close to the average.

Another problem with them is the “step counting” part of many apps, with pedometers not being able to distinguish between different types of movement or not picking up on it at all. Again, this skews the data. The bottom line is that current portable technologies don’t paint an accurate picture of an individual’s caloric output: it could be much lower or much higher than the device’s calculations.

The ScienSmart Calorimeter is different: the technology it uses is CALIBRATED to the individual and only uses data from that individual: no averages or other inaccurate metrics are needed. Not only that, but the device works in real-time, giving precise and correct information to the user from their smartphone.

This patented technology is extremely user friendly and only requires a one-off calibration before it’s ready to use (however, if the user’s body undergoes significant change, such as large weight loss or muscle gain, it’s recommended to recalibrate again to ensure continued accuracy).

The technology required for the measurements is extremely small and non-intrusive. The ScienSmart Calorimeter has many health and research applications and is able to provide accurate and precise real-time data to medical professionals, athletes, or anyone trying to be better informed about their health.

The benefits of this ultra-accurate calorie tracking system are immense and range through a variety of sectors, incuding the agricultural sector, where feeding of livestock can be improved to maximum efficiency.