Solar-wind technology produces clean, sustainable, and affordable renewable energy. The simple and flexible design makes it robust and gives it many applications, whilst its ultra- low cost makes it highly accessible.

In fact, solar-wind technology produces the cheapest energy on the market, with no exceptions. On top of this, it's the quickest to build, easiest to maintain, has a reverse carbon footprint, leaves no impact on the land that it was built on...and its only byproduct is clean water. That's the beauty of solar-wind technology.

Imagine, a renewable energy product that produces the cheapest possible energy on the market, period!. Now imagine if it was also the quickest to build, easiest to maintain, it had a reverse carbon footprint and it left no impact on the land that it was built on... well we’ve found it and its called the Solar Wind farm.

This simple structure gives the technology several advantages. For example:

It can be built out of entirely recycled materials, making it carbon-neutral

It has a low-stress structure with few moving parts, resulting in extremely low maintenance requirements

The modular design means it can be easily scaled to suit any power requirements without requiring a custom build

The technology can be adapted to use the waste-heat from industry to generate power.

Because all it needs is heat and air to work, it can be built practically anywhere there’s space, regardless of the condition of the land. If there is a slope to build on, this reduces costs even further, as it can use the slope for its elevation instead of building a support structure. It’s very safe.

As the technology doesn’t use chemicals, require water, burn fuel or anything similar, it’s not a dangerous installation.It’s low impact. Aside from posts for its foundations, the technology doesn’t disrupt the environment it’s built in.