This technology has incredible potential in medicine, teaching, aerospace, and entertainment. The most simple way to describe the technology is by comparing it to 3D TV that requires no glasses.

Such a system works using the principles of autostereoscopy, but the technology being developed by USAT Inc. creates a far more sophisticated image.

The image it shows can be a copy of a physical object, a computer model, or a video and it can be moving or stationary.

It will allow users to examine an object from all angles in situations where such close examination would otherwise be impractical or impossible. For instance, and engineer or doctor would be able to send a perfect 3D copy of their work to a colleague on the other side of the world and consult with them.

Another potential application is tracking the real-time positions of multiple planes or other objects in aerospace control systems. And, of course, the technology can be used to provide an amazing 3D experience for movie-goers.